How Do UV Germicidal Lights Work?

UV air purifiers are highly effective, but they work in a much different fashion from other indoor air quality products. Here are some of the important differences:

  • They only work on biological contaminants: UV lights only eliminate biological pests such as mould and mildew growth, bacteria, and viruses. The radiation from the UV–C rays has no effect on inorganic material such as dust, pollen, and dander.
  • They do not attract contaminants: UV lights are stationary, so contaminants must pass underneath the light to be affected by them. When contaminants are exposed to the UV–C rays of the lighting, two things happen at the same time: first, the DNA of the contaminant is permanently damaged, which disables the organism from reproducing; second, the rays also kill the life–sustaining proteins of the cell, killing it. These actions not only destroy the cell, they completely eradicate the contamination.
  • They work best when paired with another IAQ product: To get the most from your UV germicidal lighting, it is strongly recommended that you pair the lights with an air cleaner or air filtration system. Creating a combination of UV lighting and an air cleaner/filter gives your home the "one–two" punch that helps it achieve the level of good indoor air quality you want.

No other indoor air quality product can rid your home of biological contaminants like a UV lighting can. With flexible placement, UV lights can be installed into the key areas where biological growth is most likely to occur, such as over coils and in ductwork. They can even eliminate odours.

We Provide UV Air Purifier Services in Barrie

Biological contaminants can be stubborn particles to remove from your home, but when you hire the indoor air quality experts at Custom Comfort ClimateCare to install or service your UV germicidal lighting, you can rest assured that you will receive the service you need to truly destroy the biological organisms in your home. Call us today, and let our specialists show you what UV lighting can do for your home in Barrie.