What Is Boiler Maintenance?

Boilers are complicated machines with numerous mechanisms, moving parts, and materials to consider. Every part of the heating cycle needs to be carefully calibrated, not only to ensure maximum energy efficiency, but also to ensure adequate performance, particularly on those very cold days when your system must keep the heat moving. There are other factors that contribute to the effectiveness of your heating system (such as insulation), but keeping your boiler in great working order is essential.

Boiler maintenance involves three basic steps: 1) a thorough inspection and evaluation of the system's major components to identify any issues (large or small) that could potentially lead to damage or a lack of performance; 2) a comprehensive cleaning of the system to ensure that dust, dirt, and other debris are not adversely affecting your boiler; and 3) a tune–up to ensure that your boiler is firing consistently and adequately, that it has enough fuel and electricity to operate, and that it is maximizing the energy it's consuming.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Boiler

We all want our heating systems to last as long as possible. There is no better way to do so than with regular maintenance. If you want your system to meet or even exceed the manufacturer's estimate for system longevity, then it needs to be maintained on an annual basis, typically before the heating season begins. Another benefit of maintenance is that your system will operate much more efficiently, which reduces the money that you spend on natural gas each season. Lastly, a clean and tuned-up boiler is one that operates powerfully to keep your entire family warm on even the coldest of winter nights.

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