When to Schedule Water Heater Repair

Monday, August 24th, 2015

There are few experiences more comforting in day to day life than taking a nice, hot shower on a chilly night – of which we have plenty, to say the least. Of course, showering is only one situation in which we depend upon our water heaters in Barrie, ON. Whenever you wash the linens, do the dishes, or call upon hot water in the home for any purpose at all, it is your water heater which must rise to the occasion. Unfortunately, water heaters are no more perfect than any other appliance or mechanical system. You will need water heater repair services at some point. When you notice any signs of trouble with your water heater, make sure that you contact the experts here at Custom Comfort ClimateCare.

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Why Is a Tankless Water Heater a Good Idea?

Monday, July 13th, 2015

Many people will think of a big, bulky storage tank when envisioning a hot water heater. Thanks to modern technology, though, storing a large amount of heated water in a tank is no longer your only option in terms of heating water for use throughout your home. If you’d like to save energy without sacrificing the prompt, reliable access to hot water that you need in your home, then consider using a tankless water heater in Barrie, ON. There are a few different benefits that you’ll enjoy in doing so. If you want to learn more about all that tankless water heaters have to offer, or if you’re ready to schedule tankless water heater services, contact the experts here at Custom Comfort ClimateCare to schedule service.

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