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Why Having a Home Humidifier is Important for Your Health and Home

Having a home humidifier is important for your health and homeWinter is here. Ever since the temperature has drastically dropped and snow started to fall you must admit, you can feel the dryness lurking in the air. Your skin becomes dry, nose bleeds become more common and your overall health tends to float down the drain. Household property is even affected by the lack of humidity in the air. This blog will outline issues that dry air can cause as well as how to tackle it.

Health Issues

Low humidity is a main cause of dry skin, bloody noses, dry eyes, colds and flu’s during the winter months. The dryness in the air dries your skin, even in your nose which causes bloody noses. When your nose is dry the mucous membrane in the respiratory tract becomes inflamed, this means that the barrier to colds, flu’s and infections becomes damaged. This is a big reason of why people become sick more often during the winter than they do in the summer.

Dry skin is another issue to address. For some, their skin becomes so dry that it resembles eczema. Your skin needs moisture in order to stay strong and healthy.

Household Property Issues

Most people may not think of this during the winter, but if you have hardwood flooring, wood beams or paneling, they could be affected by the lack of humidity in the air if you don’t maintain it on a regular basis. Wood reacts to humidity similarly to how we react, what’s comfortable for us is comfortable for wood. If your home is lacking humidity and is constantly dry, the wood finishing could potentially crack and lead to breakage. Now, warranties do not cover this type of damage, therefore, you should do what is needed to maintain the wood finishing in order for it to last for many years.


Adding humidity to your home is the best solution to these common issues. The best option would be to install a whole home humidifier so every room in your home is protected. Small space humidifiers are great for apartments and small areas, however, in order to add humidity to an entire house, this will not suffice.

Whole home humidifiers integrate with your homes HVAC system, which means that it will travel throughout the house evenly. You are able to operate the humidifier through your thermostat (humidistat) and set the humidity level to what is comfortable. It is recommended that you keep the humidity of your home to be around 30-40%. You don’t want it to be too humid because mold and bacteria can grow and cause problems.

If you are interested in a whole home humidifier and would like more information on it, feel free to visit our webpage on whole home humidifiers, or contact us at Custom Comfort and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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