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How to Balance the Temperature Around Your House

How to balance the temperature around your houseWhether it is summer or winter, we rely on our heating and cooling systems to make the temperature in our homes comfortable. However, sometimes you may notice that some areas in your home are more comfortable than others. You may wonder how that could be possible if you have set your thermostat to a specific temperature. What is preventing the air flow?

Here are a few reasons as to why the temperature in your house isn’t balanced, as well as some tricks to remove these barriers.

Make sure your home is properly insulated.

The purpose of insulation is to prevent the warm or cool air created to make your house comfortable from leaking out to the exterior of your house. You may find that rooms above a garage are cooler than other areas in the house, especially in the winter. This could be due to the lack of insulation above your garage and in the ceilings and walls of that room. Be sure that your insulation is maintained and properly distributed.

Check your air vents.

A lot of the time you may forget about your air vents. Furniture may be covering them, making them out of sight and out of mind. It is important to regularly check these vents. You may find that a rooms temperature isn’t at the temperature your set your thermostat to. Remove furniture to allow proper air flow. Also make sure that your clean your air vents regularly. Clogged vents can restrict the quality of air flowing through the vents. This leads to the maintenance of your air ducts.

Clean your air ducts regularly.

Annually inspect your air ducts for leaks and debris. Maintaining your air ducts is important to ensure that you are receiving optimal air flow to every part of your house. Leaks will cause your furnace to work harder than it needs to. This isn’t good for your furnace and could put extensive wear and tear, resulting in furnace issues. Debris is also something to look out for as it impacts the quality of the air flow throughout your home.

Keep fans on throughout your house.

Fans are a great tool to help circulate air. Therefore, if you find that the temperature isn’t balance in your house, try turning on the fan on your furnace system, as well as fans around the house. This will maintain constant air flow and moderate the temperature.

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