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Electric To Gas Home Conversions

convert house to gas powerEvery year, especially in the spring, we receive calls from homeowners who are shocked by the cost of their electric bills over the winter.

With the constant increase in hydro rates, home owners with electric heating are now looking for alternate ways to heat their homes.

Converting to natural gas or propane can provide substantial savings when compared to electricity.  Currently, natural gas costs approximately 70% less than electricity.  Propane costs approximately 35% less respectively. The cost of electricity has been on the rise for some time now and with the promise of more increases in the near future, some homeowners have no choice but to find alternate ways to heat their home.

Over the years, we have successfully converted hundreds of homes from electric to gas, both natural and propane.

As a homeowner looking to convert from electric to gas where do you begin?

Fortunately, converting from electric to gas is easy and only takes two steps to complete:

Step One – Install a supply of gas.

A natural gas meter can be installed on your house at no cost to you if it is within 90 feet of the road allowance.  For propane customers, companies will deliver a tank to your house as a complimentary service.  For homeowners who have a forced air electric furnace, the installation involves simply taking the electric furnace out and putting the gas furnace in and running a line to the meter.

Step Two- Select your heating option.

  • The first and most common option is the removal of the existing baseboard heaters and installation of ductwork. Central air conditioning, air purification systems such as HEPA filters and ultra violet lights become an option when you have ductwork installed.   An HRV (heat recovery ventilator) is another choice with a lot of benefit.  It can control humidity issues and circulate fresh outside air into the home. (Click here for more info on HRV’s).
  • The second option is to replace the electric baseboard units with hot water radiators heated by a boiler. This option provides endless opportunities to “zone” the heating system. This allows for the control of different parts of the house selected as a zone.  Click here for more info on boilers and hydronic heating.
  • The final option is to install a ductless split air conditioner and heat pump. As the name implies, there is no ductwork involved with this heating and cooling selection.  Ductless Split Systems are cost effective and space savers.  They work really well in a condo or townhouse environment.

Of the hundreds of homes we have converted there was probably one just like yours. We are always happy to provide a free, no obligation consultation and quote.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free in home consultation with one of our Specialists call 705-722-5909.

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