Do I Need To Cover My Air Conditioner For Winter?

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

AC Cover For WinterYou’re getting ready for the fall season and the cold weather is coming. With Air Conditioners not required anymore we’re looking at closing up our backyard fall. But there’s a myth, that we often hear this time of year, that some people like to cover their air conditioner, like a barbeque, so it can be protected from the rough winter weather.

We don’t advise ever putting a homemade cover over your AC unit for a variety of reasons, but using a manufacturer specific cover is never a bad idea, especially if your AC is located under a roof where icicles or heavy snow may build up and fall on the fan blades. ┬áThere are some things you can do instead of covering it up in a tarp or home-made cover, that will help you AC last as long as it can and still be ready for spring.

Here’s a list of the Pro’s and Con’s for covering your Air Conditioner

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